• Children's art North American children's art brand KIDDYCOLOR (Kedikale), based on the world's leading brain development research results - fine motor skill theory, in-depth study of different art behaviors for the development of different types of fine motor skills, a series of art products developed. Let the global baby get unlimited brain development during the golden period of development, releasing the potential and talent of each child.

    Children's art
  • Student art Ossetan is mainly engaged in professional art supplies of quality and simple style. It includes ten categories, including easels, picture frames, brushes, drawing boards, picture bags, papers, paints, accessories, painting sets and Chinese painting materials, covering domestic art scholars. All aspects of the need; product positioning with affordable products to meet the consumer needs of students and painting enthusiasts.
    Advocating the "Hands and Spirits Learning Method", using the theory of fine motor skill, combined with the high-end early education puzzle products of Chinese family needs and new media technology, aims to release children's talents, stimulate potential and improve children's performance!

    Student art
  • Professional art Kangda provides products and creative services to Chinese professional artists through its two brands: independent brands and international imported brands;
    Own brand: conda brand provides master-level art supplies for global users, and was recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2015.
    Imported brands:
    The world's top professional art brand, the core bridge to enter the Chinese market
    The core channel for domestic customers to import imported brands

    Professional art
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